Man jokes he didn’t get job after losing control of bodily function at interview

Man jokes he didn’t get job after losing control of bodily function at interview

A man has assumed he flunked a job interview and left bosses of the company disgusted after losing control of his bodily functions while being quizzed on his credentials.

The man, who has shared his story anonymously, said he had been looking forward to the interview and thought the job sounded fun – so was excited on the day in question.

The interview started informally and he was talking to the assistant manager before moving into the manager’s office, when all of a sudden he started feeling unwell.

Out of nowhere, the man threw up in his face mask – and it quickly spilled out of his mask and down his pristine shirt.

Sharing his story on Reddit, the man said: “The interview starts and I feel like things are going rather well as the pair are responding well to my answers and I feel confident in my responses.

“We get partway down the second page of the interview sheet, about halfway, and I burp – it was not a burp!

“All of a sudden sick fills my mouth, my hand instinctively slaps to it so I can stop any coming out. Vomit erupts from my mouth and spews down my shirt and onto the interviewer’s desk.

“As I stop being sick I just say ‘I’m not getting the job am I?’ but the two members of staff are scrambling to find some paper towels as my face mask waterboards me with my own vomit.”

The man said that he hadn’t stopped laughing since the interview, which was at a local shop, and even at the time he tried to make light of the situation.

He continued: “I and the assistant manager are finishing up clearing as much of the floor and desk as possible, and I just look at her and the manager and say, ‘well, I bet this is a first for everyone”.

“Assistant manager starts laughing while trying to stop herself and I can’t help but smile like an idiot.

“The manager escorts me out and says she will call me to finish the interview another day and keeps saying she hopes I don’t have to go far and other things while clearly trying to think of anything but being sick.

“I leave and walk over to my car and as I unbutton my vomit drenched shirt I can’t help but laugh hysterically.

“I drive home and I’m laughing and smiling the whole ride while stinking and feeling kinda gross. Once I’m home I tell my housemates and show them the shirt while unable to control my laughter.

“I don’t think I’m going to get the job.”

After sharing his story online, other Reddit users were quick to support the man and comment their take on the story.

One user said: “I have given more interviews than I can count. Some people just get a case of the nerves and I totally forgive it.

“They will not forget you, in a positive way. You just landed in a really uncomfortable situation and made them comfortable. That’s a hell of a skill in any job.”

While someone else added: “I would totally hire you, for the grace and sense of humour you showed.”

And another wrote: “I threw up on my first day of a job once, it was fun. I was talking to my boss, his boss, and the second boss’s admin assistant.

“I suddenly knew it was coming and said, ‘excuse me a second I don’t feel so good’. I came back said, ‘I need to leave for the day’ and nobody ever mentioned it again. People are pretty reasonable, everyone has been sick in their life at least once.”