Woman gives kitchen psychedelic makeover – but people warn it ‘will never sell’

Woman gives kitchen psychedelic makeover – but people warn it ‘will never sell’

A young artist has left social media very divided over her “psychedelic” kitchen – with some people drawing comparisons to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory while others claim her house “will never sell”.

Artist Charli Kim Cooper, 26, who lives with fiancé Kevin Lee Andrus, 29, in Louisiana, US bought their three-bedroom home in 2015 for $127,000 (£89,773).

Once they got their hands on the keys, they were eager to get to work transforming the “boring” neutral colour scheme, opting to use bold colours in an effort to liven it up.

Over the past year during the coronavirus lockdown, Charli has decorated a game room and the main bathroom.

Most recently, Charli turned her attention to the kitchen, giving it a makeover in five months by creating a fantastical scene as if taken from a storybook.

The previously dull space now has been made over with bright purple shelving units that have been coloured in with an array of shades and various drawings of snails.

Meanwhile, the upper part of the kitchen has been painted to look like a galaxy.

Charli shared the finished results on Facebook last month, where it has left social media users divided, racking up over 1,000 likes and 200 comments so far.

“That kitchen would wake me up in the morning,” one person wrote.

“It’s festive and fun!” another person added, while a third said: “I love it –especially the snail!”

“Dude I think Willy Wonka when I see this. I love it!” wrote someone else.

However, not everyone was impressed with the unusual room, as one Facebook user said: “Well, that house will never sell for market value.”

Another person wrote: “Ewww! I’m all for colour but this is a hard no from me.”

“Aaagh! This kitchen gave me retina burn!” someone else added.

“I was just very bored with how the kitchen used to look, it was old and had this ugly wallpaper trim border and it was just so boring, it was far too neutral for me,” Charli said.

“I got the inspiration from other psychedelic artists and was just devoted to making my home a happier place.

“Bright colours have always made me happier in general, so I thought having such a colourful palette would be a nice change.

“It took me about four to five months to decorate the kitchen, working on it both off and on in between my job.

“I don’t design anything before I start painting, it’s all done spur of the moment and free-handed.”

Charli used acrylic paint and a sealer, meaning that the entire transformation cost her just $50 (£35).

She said: “The hardest part of the process was trying to come up with a colour scheme. So I decided to do all of the colours!

“I’m pretty satisfied with the finished result.

“I don’t think I would’ve done anything differently, except maybe change the purple trim to a black one.

“Just to maybe make things pop a little more.”

Despite some negative comments, the young artist has been left overwhelmed at the response her kitchen has received on Facebook.

She said: “It received a very positive reaction! There were a few critics out there but to each their own.

“So many people have said so many kind things.

“I’m very grateful and honestly so happy about the reaction that it received.

“I never would’ve dreamed that so many strangers would have seen my kitchen before.

“But it won’t be the last of my house that they see, I can promise that!”

Whilst Charli’s fiancé also loves the new look of the house, the artist makes sure to discuss all her different ideas with him before going ahead with them “to make things more comfortable for him.”

But Charli isn’t finished just yet.

She has plans to decorate all of the other rooms with bright and vibrant colours too.

She added: “I’m really looking forward to finally finishing my home but I wonder if I’ll ever truly finish with it.

“I estimate that it will take at least another two years for me to be finished with [it].

“I’m never really satisfied and I’m always making changes.”