Teacher orders boy to invite whole class to party or she’ll ban him from recess

Teacher orders boy to invite whole class to party or she’ll ban him from recess

There are times when a teacher and parent may have different opinions over what is in a child’s best interest.

Usually, this will relate to the topic of education and not personal matters.

However, one parent claims her son’s teacher recently overstepped this boundary, insisting that she change her son’s birthday party plans – and threatening to take away his break time if not.

The unnamed mum, thought to be from the US, took to Reddit to share her story, asking fellow users for advice on the situation.

In her post on the Am I The A**hole forum, she explains that the teacher demanded the entire class be invited to celebrate the boy’s birthday.

However, the issue is, that due to the size of the mum’s house, she reckons it wouldn’t be possible to fit that many children in her home.

She wrote: “Basically, my son is in first grade (Year 2 in England) and his birthday is next week. We live in a small apartment, so I let him invite five friends. He was super excited, and I send out invites to the parents over social media, all was good.

“He and his friends were talking about it in class because they were obviously excited, and his teacher overheard and sent me an email Monday afternoon basically telling me that the class rule for parties is similar to Valentine’s, bringing treats, etc, in that you have to invite the entire class.

“I told her there is no way I’m hosting 25 kids in my small apartment and she suggested I move the party to a nearby park instead. I told her that there is no way I’m watching and feeding 25 children either and that I’d never heard of this rule and we certainly hadn’t been invited to every other child’s birthday party.

“She replied that it is indeed a rule even if others had skirted it, and if he didn’t bring invitations for the whole class the next day (yesterday), he’d have to turn his behaviour card to ‘double red’ and miss recess.”

Furious, the mum decided not to send her son into school the next day, but instead took him out to have some fun – getting ice cream and picking out a small early birthday present.

She told her husband about the whole ordeal and while he agreed the rule is “stupid” he wasn’t onboard with his son missing school.

He added that the child would likely still be punished when he returns to school and missing one day of recess isn’t really that big of a deal.

Worried her husband was right, she asked others to share their thoughts – but many on Reddit sided with her on the matter.

One person said: “I’m a teacher and some schools have this rule. But you didn’t break it- you said you invited them over social media. All they were doing at school was talking about the party. Not handing out invitations. Wasn’t the teacher’s place to say anything.

“Moving a kid on a behaviour chart to double red is NOT an appropriate consequence for not inviting the whole class. At all. That’s just an abuse of power. Behaviour systems like that should only be based on the child and their actions. Not anything to do with parents or outside of school activities. Absolutely ridiculous.”

Someone else replied: “It p***es me off so much that the teacher wants to punish the kid for something that is the parent’s decision.”

A third wrote: “Skipping a day of first grade will have zero long term educational consequences unless the teacher decides to be a jerk about it.”

A different user added: “How can a school possibly dictate whom you invite into your own home? Is this a public school? I would pursue it with the principal, and if not, with the school board. If your child is penalized, I’d see a lawyer.”